Xmas Drop Review – How to Play Xmas Drop on PSL88

To master Xmas Drop on PSL88, dive into a winter wonderland with festive symbols and the potential to win big – up to 12,500 times your bet. Enjoy vibrant graphics like toy blocks, Christmas trees, and Santa himself for added excitement. 

With an RTP of up to 96.22%, balanced risk, and medium volatility, you’re in for an entertaining ride. Keep an eye out for Wild Santa and Gift symbols for even more chances to boost your winnings. Get ready to experience the magic of the holiday season and uncover all the thrilling features this game has to offer.

Game Overview

Explore the festive landscape and exciting features of Xmas Drop in this game overview. Set in a snowy winter wonderland, the game showcases vibrant symbols like toy blocks, Christmas trees, and candy canes on the reels, all adding to the holiday cheer. Santa himself stands by, ready to assist with big wins.

In the base game, played on a 5-reel setup with 19 fixed win lines, you’ll encounter both non-premium and premium symbols offering varying payouts. Keep an eye out for the Wild symbols – presents and Santa Clauses – which can help boost your winnings.

Key features include the Wild Santa Symbol, expanding to cover reels and acting as a Wild symbol for more chances to win. The Wild Gift Symbol reveals multipliers up to 200x, amplifying your rewards.

Additionally, trigger the Bonus Game by landing 3 FS Scatter symbols for 10 spins with increased Wild Santa and Wild Gift chances. For an even more thrilling experience, aim to activate the Super Bonus Game with 4 FS Scatter symbols for guaranteed Wild Santa symbols on activated reels, leading to potentially massive wins.

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RTP and Volatility

Discover the RTP and volatility of Xmas Drop, offering players exciting potential wins and a balanced level of risk.

Xmas Drop boasts an RTP of up to 96.22% (96.44% for feature buy), providing a favorable return to players over time. This means that for every $100 wagered, you can expect to get back around $96.22 in wins.

The game also presents a medium volatility level, ensuring a mix of frequent smaller wins and occasional larger payouts. With potential wins reaching up to 12,500 times your bet, Xmas Drop offers a thrilling gaming experience without excessive risk.

The combination of a solid RTP and medium volatility makes Xmas Drop a well-rounded choice for players seeking both entertainment and the chance for significant rewards.

Setting and Symbols

The snowy landscape of Xmas Drop is adorned with festive symbols like toy blocks, Christmas trees, and candy canes, creating a cheerful holiday atmosphere on the reels.

As you spin, you’ll also encounter stockings, bells, teddy bears, and snow globes, enhancing the Christmas theme of the game. Santa himself stands proudly to the right of the reels, serving as the most important symbol in the game.

The setting of Xmas Drop immerses you in a winter wonderland filled with traditional holiday icons, adding to the festive charm of the gameplay.

The vibrant visuals and detailed symbols bring the spirit of Christmas to life on your screen, making each spin a delightful experience.

Keep an eye out for the various symbols as they can lead to exciting wins and trigger special features that enhance your gameplay. Get ready to enjoy the magic of the season with Xmas Drop’s enchanting setting and symbols!

Base Game Features

Immerse yourself in the captivating gameplay of Xmas Drop with its engaging base game features set on a 5-reel layout with 19 fixed win lines and a variety of symbols offering different payouts.

The game showcases both non-premium symbols like 10s, Js, Qs, Ks, and As, as well as premium symbols such as stockings, candy canes, Christmas trees, teddy bears, and bells. These symbols present players with diverse payout opportunities, adding excitement to every spin.

Moreover, Xmas Drop incorporates two types of Wild symbols: presents and Santa Clauses. These Wilds can substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations, enhancing your chances of securing generous rewards.

As you navigate through the snowy landscape depicted in the game, keep an eye out for these Wild symbols to maximize your winnings. The base game in Xmas Drop sets the stage for an entertaining experience filled with festive cheer and the potential for substantial wins.

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Key Wild Symbols

Exploring the essential wild symbols in Xmas Drop enhances your gameplay experience with exciting features and potential rewards.

In this festive slot game, two key wild symbols play a crucial role in boosting your chances of hitting big wins.

The Wild Santa symbol is a pivotal element that expands to cover the reel when it contributes to a winning combination, effectively acting as a Wild symbol on each expanded position. This feature can significantly increase your opportunities to create winning paylines.

Additionally, the Wild Gift symbol adds an extra layer of excitement by revealing multipliers, which can go up to an impressive 200x, when a Wild Santa symbol expands through it.

Bonus Game Details

Delve into the exciting features of the bonus games in Xmas Drop to uncover additional winning opportunities and thrilling gameplay experiences.

In Xmas Drop, there are two main bonus games that can boost your winnings and enhance your gameplay. The first bonus game is ‘Night Before Xmas,’ which is triggered by landing 3 Free Spin Scatter symbols. 

This feature awards you 10 spins with increased chances of seeing Wild Santa and Wild Gift symbols on the reels. Plus, you have the chance to retrigger additional spins during this bonus round.

The second bonus game is the ‘Super Bonus Game: Santa Claus is Coming to Town.’ To activate this feature, you need to land 4 Free Spin Scatter symbols. This bonus gives you 10 spins with a guaranteed Wild Santa symbol on activated reels for the remaining spins. 

Similar to the first bonus game, you can also retrigger extra spins while playing the ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ feature. These bonus games provide an extra layer of excitement and winning potential to your Xmas Drop gameplay.

Buy Bonus Options

What bonus options can you purchase in Xmas Drop to enhance your gameplay experience?

Xmas Drop offers several enticing buy bonus options to amp up your gameplay. Firstly, the Bonus Hunt FeatureSpins allow you to acquire spins for 3 times your bet, providing an RTP of 96.44%.

If you’re looking for more Wild Santas, you can opt for the Two Wild Santas FeatureSpins, available at 20 times your bet with an RTP of 96.34%. For an even wilder experience, the Three Wild Santas FeatureSpins offer three Wild Santas at 50 times your bet and an RTP of 96.31%.

If you want to jump straight into the bonus game action, the Night Before Xmas buy option is available at 110 times your bet, providing an RTP of 96.20%. For the ultimate bonus thrill, the Santa Claus is Coming to Town buy bonus guarantees a Wild Santa on activated reels for 200 times your bet, offering an RTP of 96.41%.

Choose wisely and enjoy the enhanced excitement these buy bonus options bring to your Xmas Drop gameplay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Players Choose the Background Music in Xmas Drop?

In Xmas Drop, you can’t choose the background music. The game immerses you in a festive atmosphere with its snowy landscape and Christmas-themed symbols.

While you won’t have control over the music selection, you’ll enjoy the vibrant visuals and holiday cheer that Xmas Drop brings to the table.

Focus on spinning those reels and landing those expanding Wild symbols for a chance at big wins in this cheerful slot game.

Are There Any Hidden Easter Eggs in the Game?

No hidden Easter eggs can be found in Xmas Drop. The game focuses on festive cheer and exciting gameplay with expanding Wild symbols and potential for big wins.

While there are no secret surprises waiting to be discovered, players can enjoy the snowy landscape and vibrant symbols as they spin the reels in this Christmas-themed slot game. Get ready for some holiday fun without any hidden tricks or treats in Xmas Drop!

How Often Do the Wild Santa Symbols Appear?

In Xmas Drop, Wild Santa symbols appear frequently to boost your wins. These symbols expand to cover reels when part of a winning combo, serving as Wilds on each position.

Keep an eye out for the Wild Gift symbol, as it can reveal multipliers up to 200x when a Wild Santa expands through it. With these features, big wins are just a spin away, adding excitement to your gameplay experience.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Wild Gift Multipliers?

In Xmas Drop, there isn’t a limit to the number of Wild Gift multipliers. These special symbols can keep revealing multipliers (up to 200x) each time a Wild Santa expands through them.

So, the more Wild Santas expand and encounter Wild Gifts, the higher your chances of landing big wins with those sweet multipliers. Get ready for some festive cheer and lucrative surprises in this jolly holiday-themed slot game!

Can Players Trigger Bonus Games in Rapid Succession?

Yes, you can trigger bonus games in rapid succession in Xmas Drop. By landing the required number of Free Spin Scatter symbols, you can activate either the Night Before Xmas Bonus Game or the Santa Claus is Coming to Town Super Bonus Game.

These bonus features offer exciting gameplay opportunities with increased chances of Wild symbols and big wins. Keep spinning to enjoy the festive fun and potential rewards back-to-back!


So, are you ready to get into the festive spirit and try your luck with Xmas Drop on PSL88? With its charming Christmas theme, exciting features, and potential for big wins, this slot game is sure to bring joy and excitement to your gaming sessions.

Join Santa on this merry adventure and see if you can land those lucrative wins of up to 12,500x your bet. Happy spinning and happy holidays!

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