Terms of use

Before engaging in any services or registering an account at PSL88, players must understand and agree to the terms and conditions. These are crucial to ensuring your rights and avoiding any unwanted risks.

General Terms and Conditions for Players

The terms and conditions are designed to protect the rights and interests of all members participating in PSL88. They also safeguard the interests of PSL88 while delivering betting products to players. These rules establish a transparent and fair gaming environment:

  • Members registering an account must read and understand the general terms and conditions.
  • By choosing to participate in betting, players must accept the rules set forth by PSL88.
  • Registration information must be accurate, including name, phone number, account details, and email, as required by PSL88.

Brand Usage Terms and Conditions

Regarding the use of PSL88’s brand, players must adhere to the following:

  • The use of PSL88’s logo or brand publicly is prohibited unless authorized.
  • The brand usage terms are to prevent malicious behavior from other users.
  • Clear guidelines are provided for brand usage to avoid violations.

Terms and Conditions for Player Accounts

Players registering betting accounts at PSL88 must comply with these terms:

  • Account registrants must be at least 18 years old and possess valid identification.
  • Players are prohibited from using cheating software to defraud PSL88.
  • While PSL88 offers promotional programs to support players, creating multiple accounts to exploit promotions is not allowed.
  • Players must maintain decorum, using respectful language and avoiding inappropriate terms on PSL88’s platform.
  • For any queries regarding the rules, players should proactively contact customer support for assistance.

By adhering to the terms and conditions outlined by PSL88, players can ensure a reliable and high-quality gaming environment. It is also the player’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with these terms to avoid violations and mitigate risks.