PSL88 Promotions

PSL88 Promotions


Level up bonus

From today,All PSL88 players, every bet in Electronic games, Card Games, Fish Shooting, Live Casino, Lottery, Sports will be accumulated for life, total bet = profit Profit for life!
As long as you reach a certain level, you can freely receive money【monthly salary up to 7000RS】. There is also a cumulative leveling bonus of 9000RS, member accounts enjoy outstanding experiences, with lifetime value!

Note: The bonus can be checked immediately after the data is updated at 20:00 every Monday. If you pass multiple levels at the same time, the promotion bonus will be accumulated points for each level, weekly salary and monthly salary will be calculated according to the highest level achieved.
For example: Members have a total valid deposit of 1,200,000 for pot shooting, fish shooting, card games, 【Level 2, promotion bonus 100RS, monthly salary 300RS】; When a member’s accumulated bet reaches 1,200,000RS, equivalent to level 7, exceeding 7 levels, the promotion bonus is: 50+100+200+400+600+800=2150RS, monthly salary is 1200RS.

Level  Money Rewardlevel bonus
20          50,000,00070009000
19          40,000,00063007800
18          35,000,00057007000
17          30,000,00050006200
16          25,000,00044005500
15          20,000,00038004800
14          15,000,00033004200
13          11,000,00028003600
12            8,000,00024003100
11            6,000,00020002600
10            4,500,00017002200
9            3,000,00014001800
8            2,000,00011001500
7            1,200,0008001200
6               800,000600900
5               400,000400700
4               200,000200500
3                 80,000100300
2                 30,00050150
1                   5,00000

1. All activity bonuses only need to be withdrawn after 1 round of betting;
2. Monthly salary will be calculated according to the highest level achieved. Level up bonus is automatically given every Monday; Monthly salary, the system will automatically issue a bonus on the 1st of every month;
3. Level up mode for Poker, Fish Shooting, Card Games, Lottery, Sports, Live Casino is valid for life, accumulated forever.

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