My First Safari Review – How to Play The Great Safari on PSL88

Immerse yourself in ‘My First Safari‘ on PSL88, where you’ll experience the thrill of strategic decision-making, teamwork, and exploration. The game, designed by National Geographic and Blue Marble, offers vibrant components, including a wheelchair-bound explorer, and an enchanting board filled with colorful animal illustrations.

Engage fully with the educational aspects of the game with fascinating animal facts and engaging instructions. Make the most of your safari adventure by utilizing strategy tips, embracing collaboration, and honing your critical thinking skills. Ideal for families, this game encourages parent involvement and age-appropriate learning benefits. Get ready for a wild journey!

Game Overview

If you’re ready to start on a thrilling safari adventure, My First Safari, designed and published by National Geographic and Blue Marble, is the game for you. In this exciting game for 2-4 players, you become explorers in a safari park, racing against time to spot animals before the sun sets.

The player dynamics in My First Safari involve strategic decisions as you choose the difficulty level and strategically place your explorers on the board. To succeed, you must carefully play sun or item cards to move your explorers along the path, engaging in a mix of luck and strategy to reach your goal.

Thematic immersion is a key aspect of My First Safari, drawing players of all ages into the world of wildlife exploration. The engaging gameplay keeps you on your toes as you navigate the safari park, creating a sense of adventure and excitement.

With its cooperative nature, the game promotes teamwork and critical thinking, making it an ideal choice for families looking to bond over a fun and educational experience. So, gather your fellow explorers and get ready for a safari like no other with My First Safari!

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The game of My First Safari comes packed with vibrant and engaging components that enhance the overall gameplay experience. The artwork quality on the bright and colorful board featuring animal illustrations is truly enthralling.

As you journey through the safari park, you’ll interact with the cardboard sun token and the five diverse explorer standees, including a disabled explorer in a wheelchair that adds inclusivity to the game. The mix of feelings regarding the quality and finish of the cards may vary, but the overall artwork is well-suited for younger kids, while still enjoyable for older kids and adults alike.

The components of My First Safari truly bring the game to life, immersing you in the world of exploration and adventure. The attention to detail in the artwork quality and the inclusion of the cardboard token add a crucial element to the gameplay, making it even more engaging for players of all ages.

Get ready to set off on a safari like no other, where every component plays an essential role in creating a memorable gaming experience.

Rulebook Details

Exploring the rulebook of My First Safari reveals a concise and engaging set of instructions that are easy to understand and immerse yourself in the world of safari exploration. The rulebook is designed for easy reading, making it accessible for players of all ages.

In just 2 pages, the rules are laid out clearly, ensuring that you can jump right into the game without any confusion. Additionally, the rulebook goes beyond just gameplay mechanics by including fascinating animal facts on 4 additional pages.

These animal facts not only enhance the educational aspect of the game but also add depth to the safari theme, allowing you to learn interesting tidbits about the wildlife you encounter on your expedition.

As you investigate the rulebook, the inclusion of animal facts alongside the instructions provides a rich context for your safari adventure. The pictures and continents of animals featured in the facts section further immerse you in the diverse habitats you are exploring.

This unique blend of easy-to-follow rules and educational content makes the rulebook of My First Safari not only a guide for gameplay but also a gateway to discovering the wonders of the animal kingdom.

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Gameplay Insights

Exploring the gameplay of My First Safari reveals a delightful and interactive safari experience for explorers of all ages. As you navigate the safari park, remember to utilize strategy tips to make the most of your journey.

The movement options in the game provide an element of surprise and excitement, keeping you engaged in every turn. Decision making is key in My First Safari, as you must carefully choose which path to take to see the animals before sunset.

Player interactions play a significant role in the gameplay, fostering teamwork and cooperation among participants. Working together with your fellow explorers adds a layer of fun and camaraderie to the safari adventure. Engage in discussions with your teammates to plan your moves effectively and secure a successful expedition.

To excel in My First Safari, consider the various movement options available and strategize your path accordingly. Make thoughtful decisions to advance your explorers efficiently through the park.

Embrace the spirit of collaboration and enjoy the game’s interactive nature, where player interactions enhance the overall experience. Remember, the key to a successful safari lies in teamwork, strategic thinking, and enjoying the journey with your fellow adventurers.

Target Audience

Discover the ideal players who will cherish the safari adventure in My First Safari. This game is perfectly suited for families with younger children, particularly those aged between 4 and 10 years old.

The bright and colorful board, along with the diverse explorer standees, create an engaging and educational experience for young minds. Parent involvement is encouraged as players navigate the safari park, learning about animals and continents along the way.

My First Safari offers age-appropriate learning benefits, promoting teamwork and critical thinking skills in a simple and cooperative gameplay style. The inclusion of a disabled explorer in a wheelchair also provides a valuable opportunity for discussions around diversity and inclusion. The game’s educational value is enhanced by the animal facts included in the rulebook, making it a great choice for homeschooling families looking for interactive ways to supplement learning.

While older players may find the game mechanics too simplistic, families with younger children will appreciate the short game sessions lasting around 15-20 minutes. My First Safari not only entertains but also educates, making it a wonderful choice for families seeking a fun and enriching gaming experience for their little explorers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Players Choose Different Difficulty Levels in My First Safari?

In My First Safari, you have the power to set the game’s difficulty level before the adventure begins. This choice impacts the progression of your safari exploration. By selecting the difficulty, you influence the game mechanics and accessibility for all players involved.

Tailoring the challenge level to your group’s preferences adds depth to the experience, making each safari unique and exciting. Choose wisely and start on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the wilderness!

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Are There Any Special Abilities or Powers for the Explorers in the Game?

In ‘My First Safari,’ each explorer possesses unique abilities that add excitement to the game. These skills grant special talents, such as bonus movement or card advantages. Discovering these hidden powers enhances your gameplay experience, offering strategic options and surprises as you navigate the safari park.

Revealing the explorer skills adds depth and fun twists to the cooperative adventure, making each playthrough engaging and dynamic. Explore and reveal the explorers’ capabilities for a thrilling safari journey!

How Does the Disabled Explorer in a Wheelchair Affect Gameplay?

The disabled explorer in a wheelchair enhances the gameplay experience by providing accessibility options that promote inclusive design and player immersion. This unique addition not only reflects real-world diversity but also allows all players to feel represented and included in the safari adventure. It showcases the importance of accommodating different abilities in gaming, fostering a more inclusive and engaging environment for everyone involved.

Are There Any Expansion Packs or Additional Content Available for the Game?

Looking to enhance your gaming experience with My First Safari? While the base game offers fun exploration, consider delving into expansion packs for new challenges and bonus content. Expand your safari park adventures with additional animals, exciting obstacles, or special abilities for your explorers.

These expansions can add fresh layers of strategy and excitement, keeping gameplay engaging and immersive for players of all ages. Immerse yourself in the wilderness and discover the full potential of your safari experience!

Is There a Solo Play Option for My First Safari?

Yes, there isn’t a solo play option for My First Safari. The game is designed for 2-4 players, focusing on the multiplayer option for a fun experience. To enhance your gameplay, try these strategy tips: Coordinate well with others, strategize on card usage, and plan explorer movements efficiently. Engage in teamwork and critical thinking to maximize your chances of seeing animals before sunset!


To wrap up, ‘My First Safari’ provides an exhilarating and inclusive safari experience for players of all ages. With its cooperative gameplay, vibrant artwork, and diverse explorer standees, this game encourages teamwork, critical thinking, and fun-filled moments.

Set off on this thrilling adventure through the wilderness and uncover the magnificent animals that await you before the sun sets. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the safari park in this exciting and engaging game.

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