Space Conquest Review – How to Play Space Conquest on PSL88

Embark on the cosmic journey of Space Conquest on PSL88. Experience a celestial-themed slot featuring diverse symbols like stars and planets that pay in any position, triggering cascades for thrilling wins. 

Utilize shining star bonuses for free spins and multiplier symbols that lock in place to boost your earnings. Master gameplay mechanics with symbol values essential for success and strategic use of multipliers during free spins. 

Immerse yourself in the space-themed design, transporting you to a mesmerizing virtual universe with celestial aesthetics. Discover top online casinos offering Space Conquest for an enhanced gaming experience. Discover the secrets of Space Conquest for stellar entertainment.

Game Overview

Discover the intricate gameplay mechanics and mesmerizing visual elements of Space Conquest, an innovative slot developed by SpadeGaming. In Space Conquest, the game symbols are diverse and include stars, planets, and celestial bodies that float across the reels. 

These colorful objects pay in any positions and trigger cascades on wins, offering stellar payouts. The unique bonus rounds in Space Conquest feature a shining star that lights up gameplay with free spins. 

During these free spins, multiplier symbols lock in place, enhancing your chances of winning big. To maximize your winnings, strategize by aiming to trigger the free spins round by landing four or more star symbols. 

During this round, collect the blazing stars with multiplier values from 2x to 100x that lock in place, and aim to gather all values on the grid to secure additional free games. Mastering these bonus features and strategies is key to conquering the vast universe of Space Conquest.

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Symbols and Features

Explore the diverse range of symbols and exciting features that enhance the gameplay experience in Space Conquest, a thrilling slot game developed by SpadeGaming. In Space Conquest, symbol combinations play an important role in determining your winnings. 

Colorful objects not only pay out in any position but also trigger cascades upon wins, leading to potentially lucrative outcomes. The game boasts feature triggers that include the shining star symbol, which lights up gameplay by awarding free spins. 

During these free spins, multiplier symbols can lock in place, further increasing your payout potential.

One of the standout features in Space Conquest is the ability to trigger game bonuses. By landing four or more star symbols, you can activate the free spins feature, with a chance to randomly trigger ten free spins. 

During this bonus round, blazing stars with multiplier values from 2x to 100x can lock in place, offering the opportunity to collect significant wins. Additionally, collecting all values on the grid after the free spins can grant you five extra games, enhancing the overall excitement and potential rewards of the game.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Space Conquest, the gameplay mechanics encompass the rules and interactions that govern how players engage with the slot game’s features and symbols. Understanding the symbol values is essential as colorful objects pay in any positions and trigger cascades on wins. 

Keep an eye out for the shining star as it lights up gameplay with free spins, and multiplier symbols that lock in place during free spin cascades. When aiming for bonus rounds, remember that four or more star scatter symbols trigger free spins, with the potential to randomly trigger ten extra games. 

During these rounds, blazing stars with multiplier values from 2x to 100x can greatly boost your winnings. To enhance your gameplay experience, consider utilizing strategy tips to maximize your chances of landing high-paying combinations and triggering lucrative bonus features. 

Paying attention to scatter symbols and bonus rounds can lead to stellar payouts and an exciting intergalactic adventure in Space Conquest.

Betting Options

Understand the betting options in Space Conquest to tailor your gameplay strategy and maximize your winning potential. Space Conquest offers a range of wager options, allowing you to play for stakes between 0.20 and 500.00 per spin. 

Additionally, you have the opportunity to buy into the free games feature for 100 times the stake, enhancing the excitement and potential payout of your gameplay experience. The game is of medium volatility, with an expected RTP of approximately 95% – 96%. 

Unlike traditional slot games, Space Conquest does not have paylines or reels. Instead, symbols pay out when landing eight or more examples of the same type, with various symbol values represented as multiples of the total bet. 

By understanding the different bet strategies and payout possibilities in Space Conquest, you can optimize your gameplay to aim for stellar rewards and enjoy an engaging space-themed slot experience.

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Free Spins Feature

To trigger the Free Spins Feature in Space Conquest, you need to land four or more star symbols on the reels. Once activated, you’ll be awarded ten free spins, during which blazing stars with multiplier values ranging from 2x to 100x will lock in place. 

To maximize your payouts during the Free Spins Feature, focus on collecting all the multiplier values on the grid. Additionally, if you manage to gather at least three star scatter symbols, you’ll receive five extra games. 

This strategic approach can greatly enhance your winning potential. The frequency of the Free Spins Feature adds excitement to the gameplay, as the chance to trigger ten free spins randomly keeps the anticipation high. 

By incorporating a thoughtful free spins strategy and capitalizing on the feature’s frequency, you can make the most out of this thrilling aspect of Space Conquest.

Winning Strategies

Implementing effective winning strategies in Space Conquest requires careful consideration of symbol values, grid dynamics, and bonus features to maximize your potential payouts. To enhance your gameplay experience, here are some strategy tips to keep in mind:

1. Understand Symbol Values: Space Conquest uses symbol values as multiples of the total bet, with higher values leading to more significant wins. Focus on landing combinations of high-value symbols to boost your payouts.

2. Utilize Grid Dynamics: With no paylines or reels, winning combinations are formed by landing eight or more examples of the same symbol. Pay attention to the grid layout and aim to cluster symbols together for better chances of winning.

3. Maximize Bonus Features: Trigger free spins by landing four or more star symbols. During free spins, multiplier values can lock in place, offering the potential for substantial wins. Try to collect all multiplier values on the grid to boost your earnings.

Developer Insights

Discover the insights provided by SpadeGaming, the developer behind the mesmerizing Space Conquest slot game, to gain a deeper understanding of its design and features. SpadeGaming insights reveal a meticulous attention to detail in crafting the game’s design elements. 

The game’s portrait layout, optimized for mobile screens, enhances the player’s experience, allowing for seamless gameplay on various devices. Set against a backdrop of infinite space, Space Conquest features four colorful asteroids and five ringed planets on a 6×5 grid, creating an immersive intergalactic environment for players to explore.

Moreover, the catchy tune that accompanies gameplay adds an extra layer of engagement. The choice of symbols, such as stars, planets, and celestial bodies floating across the reels, not only contributes to the game’s theme but also enhances the visual appeal. 

SpadeGaming’s design elements in Space Conquest showcase a blend of creativity and functionality, making the game a visually striking and enjoyable experience for players.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is an essential aspect of the Space Conquest slot game, ensuring seamless gameplay across various devices. Device compatibility is vital for an ideal gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy the slot on smartphones and tablets without sacrificing quality. 

Space Conquest offers screen optimization, adapting its layout to fit the dimensions of mobile screens, ensuring all elements are displayed correctly without compromising the visual appeal. The gameplay controls are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly on mobile devices, enabling easy navigation and interaction with the game features. 

By prioritizing mobile compatibility, Space Conquest caters to a wider audience, providing flexibility for players to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. Space Conquest’s mobile version offers an immersive gaming experience, ensuring the same level of excitement and engagement as the desktop version.

Space-Themed Design

To immerse players in an otherworldly experience, Space Conquest features a mesmerizing space-themed design that transports you to a virtual universe teeming with celestial wonders. The cosmic aesthetics of the game create a visually stunning backdrop of infinite space, where stars, planets, and celestial bodies float across the reels. 

This galactic gameplay is enhanced by the presence of celestial symbols such as colorful objects that pay in any position and trigger cascades on wins. Stellar spins are triggered by a shining star that lights up gameplay with free spins, while multiplier symbols lock in place during free spin cascades, offering stellar payouts. 

Additionally, the game grid is set against a backdrop of four colorful asteroids and five ringed planets on a 6×5 layout, creating an immersive experience for players. With its enchanting design and celestial elements, Space Conquest truly takes players on a cosmic journey through the vastness of space.

Where to Play

Explore online casinos that offer the Space Conquest slot for an immersive gaming experience. When looking for the best places to play Space Conquest, consider top casinos known for their diverse game selections and bonus offers. 

Look for reputable online casinos that feature Space Conquest, such as Casino X, LeoVegas, and Betway Casino. These top casinos often provide attractive bonus offers, including welcome bonuses, free spins, and loyalty rewards that can enhance your gaming experience.

To maximize your gameplay, take advantage of the bonus offers available at these top casinos. These bonuses can boost your bankroll, extend your playing time, and increase your chances of landing stellar wins in Space Conquest. Keep an eye out for promotions specifically tailored to slot players, as they may offer extra incentives and rewards for playing Space Conquest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Space Conquest Slot for Free?

Yes, you can play the Space Conquest slot for free. The benefits of free play include trying out the demo version to explore its advantages. Engaging in free play allows you to experience the game without financial risk and understand its features. 

Utilize this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the gameplay, bonus elements like free spins, and win multipliers. Enjoy the experience without spending any money.

Is Space Conquest Available at New Online Casinos?

Space Conquest is likely to be found at new online casinos, expanding its availability. Discover Space Conquest demo for free play options. Check out the latest gaming platforms for the chance to enjoy this interstellar slot experience. 

Engage in Space Conquest’s compelling gameplay at no cost through free play modes. Explore the universe within this slot at recently launched online casinos, offering a thrilling gaming adventure to space enthusiasts.

Are There Any No Deposit Bonuses for Space Conquest?

For Space Conquest, look for enticing bonus promotions offering no deposit bonuses. While exploring, consider wagering requirements that may apply. When strategizing for the game, focus on maximizing free spins and multiplying wins with star symbols. 

Winning tips include targeting star-triggered bonus rounds and collecting multiplier values during free spins. By leveraging these features effectively, you can enhance your gameplay experience and potentially achieve stellar payouts.

Does Space Conquest Have a Progressive Jackpot Feature?

Space Conquest does not offer a progressive jackpot feature. To enhance your chances of winning, focus on maximizing free spins with the star symbols and collecting multiplier values during gameplay. 

Strategically aim to land the star symbols to trigger free spins and try to lock in higher multiplier values for increased payouts. While there’s no progressive jackpot, leveraging free spins and multipliers can lead to significant wins in this space-themed slot game.

Can I Find Space Conquest on Mobile App Stores?

Yes, you can access Space Conquest on mobile app stores. The game offers mobile compatibility, ensuring you can enjoy it on your smartphone or tablet. Simply search for ‘Space Conquest’ in your app store to download and install the game. 

Immerse yourself in the virtual universe of Space Conquest wherever you go, experiencing the stellar gameplay, stunning visuals, and exciting features right at your fingertips. Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure!


Experience the excitement of interstellar exploration and cosmic wins with Space Conquest on PSL88. Immerse yourself in a world of mesmerizing gameplay, stellar payouts, and exhilarating features that will keep you entertained for hours on end. 

With a range of betting options and the opportunity to trigger free spins with multipliers up to 100x, this space-themed slot game offers an out-of-this-world gaming experience that is sure to leave you wanting more. Blast off into the cosmos and start your conquest today!

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